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The Ultimate Attention Grabber for all your outdoor exhibitions and indoor advertising. 3D holographic projection now takes the customer on a journey into the future, allowing you to display Video in a 3D viewing as oppose the conventional 2D format.

We take care of everything from hardware to initial design consultancy, producing your animation and supplying and setting up the hologram display hardware for you. The Technology in itself is interactive, digital and entertaining.  Creating a lasting brand impression.We have a team of Web Developers, Flash and graphic designers as well as 3D animators who put together the content needed to produce this marvellous platform for advertising.

Benefits of Hologram Advertising

  1. We reduce your printing costs
  2. Digital can be changed daily- meaning you can change the video, look and feel and give your customers a new message daily.
  3. Digital can be reused and stored for the next big event

Hologram Advertising

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