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Google Analytics is a website analytics service offered by The Digital Intelligence Agency that gives you insights into how users find and use your website. With Google Analytics, you can track ROI for your online marketing. … You can also use tracking codes to tag & track any advertising, social or PR campaign on any many platforms/website.

When you are a brand that has a website with useful content or unique products, your website is destined to attract an audience. Even so, you must be able to hold and convert the potential customers into loyal customers. This all depends on how you choose to optimize and use these metrics so that they best fit your brand and website. There are so many different ways that a website can increase their rates of retention and conversion, but prior to taking on the endeavour you must figure out which specific metrics it is that you are trying to improve for your brand. Use this as a guide to help you determine which metrics are the most important to track. You will find most of these metrics in the Audience section within the dashboard of Google Analytics, along with other metrics that aid you in tracking your website traffic. When you proceed armed with this knowledge, there will be nothing stopping you from growing your website in the way that is best for your brand.


It is vital to know that the way in which a returning visitor interacts with your website will be different from how a first-time visitor will interact with your website. In order to be able to improve the experience for first-time visitors, you must isolate the conversion rates from returning visitors or loyal customers. You must determine what it is that they see when they are first visiting the website, and how you can take action to improve this initial visit and their overall experience. This is where usability will play an essential role in decreasing the bounce rate of first time visitors. You will have a low rate of conversion for new or unique visitors if your website is not user friendly. These new visitors will be the ones that are seeing everything for the first time, and will not be privy to any “tricks” to better use the website. It needs to provide a great user experience up front.


Ideally, your website would have incoming traffic streaming in from a variety of sources. There are four categories for the primary sources: direct visitors, search visitors, and referral visitors and social visitors.

  • Your direct visitors will be those who have come to your site by typing in your exact URL into the address bar in their browser.
  • Your search visitors will be those who have arrived to your website based on a search query that they have entered.
  • Your referral visitors will be those who visit the website because it was mentioned somewhere on another website or blog that they were visiting.

All three of the sources are very important, but they have different levels of conversion. Because of this, you should be calculating how much traffic each individual source is converting, and then take action based on these numbers.

If your direct visitors number is low, is your website easy for people to remember? Is it advertised in a way that is widely available? If it isn’t you may be losing direct visitors to search visitors—those who had to remember details about your brand in order to find your website.

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