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Call tracking software records information about incoming telephone calls, and in some regions the conversation. Call tracking is a technology which can enable live call reporting, allowing the tracking of phone calls to be associated with performance-based advertising such as Google AdWords, SEO Services, Display Advertising and Direct Marketing, Publications and outdoor such as billboards.

Analyze data in one place

  • Time, date, length and result of calls
  • Geographical location of calls
  • Telephone number of the caller (unless withheld)
  • Answering point telephone number
  • Missed call alerts
  • Answered call alerts
  • Average time of call
  • Average waiting time.
  • Recordings of telephone conversations.

You Can Better Track ROI

Call tracking gives you plenty of information to help you determine what your actual return on investment is for different marketing campaigns. Using unique phone numbers that can be tracked can give you a better idea of what ads are producing the most profit.

Call Recordings Provide Valuable Information

You can also record your incoming calls with call tracking. This can give you some very valuable information. You can discover what kind of problems large numbers of your customers are experiencing or what products they prefer. This kind of intelligence can allow you to make the appropriate shifts in your plans much faster.

It Allows You to Compare Advertising Channels

The use of unique phone numbers that can be tracked can also allow you to make quick comparisons between different channels you may be using to run ads. Eg you may discover that your newspaper advertising is actually producing very few conversions. This can allow you to focus on other channels like say the internet and Digital that are more profitable.

It Allows You to Make Quick Decisions

Call tracking software gives you the ability to produce reports with all kind of information regarding the callers, call lengths, number of calls and more.

It Improves Call Fowarding

The use of call tracking allows you to forward a call to the right staff member immediately. No longer will a sale be lost due to a caller becoming frustrated by not being able to quickly speak to the right person.

It Helps You Manage Your Staff

Call tracking gives you the ability to more successfully manage your call centre staff. With the ability to record the calls and additional information, you can determine whether or not your staff

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